This Is Your Meatpipe Inbetween Sara Jay’s Large Globes


Sara Jay luvs manhood.

Sara Jay has the grease and the bosoms. You carry the manhood. Baby squashes out each and every closing droplet of jizm and we could it sit down on her bosoms like icing. You gotta enjoy a woman who travels together with her personal grease.

“I were given heterosexual A’s and graduated early from top college,” Sara Jay advised us in an interview. “I used to be smartly behaved. By no means were given into any distress. By no means had fuckfest. I did cross out a bunch of suck jobs to mates, however. I used to be a cherry in that I did not have fucky-fucky. My snatch used to be a cherry, however my facehole wasn’t.

“I detected that each one of them did not know I fellated everyone’s bone. They did not inform each and every different, then, probably the most studs mentioned to me, ‘I simply detected you fellated Keith’s bone and Matt’s bone.’ Every boy idea I used to be simply deepthroating his bone, which could not were farther from the reality.”

Date: September 9, 2023