Nikky Nastier…Surfer Toddler? Works for us. Kowabunga!

An XLGirls standard, Nikky appears powerful mouth-watering in her form-fitting surfer dickens go well with. Just a hodad would now not need to figure surf with Nikky and on her. Tyke will have run off all the way down to the seashore to hot-dog it however moppet’d relatively give us a scorching spunk demonstrate indoors. We will take that over her hanging-ten. Our powerful longboards recognize that.

Nikky at all times appears supreme, raw or dry. “I enjoy my blond hair taking a look its absolute hottest. It heads supreme with my ginormous magambos. Getting my hair knocked makes me sense fabulous.” The rest heads supreme along with her magambos, peculiarly our salty pouch sauce decorating them.

What will have to a boy do if via some unbelievable, miraculous happenstance he comes head to head with Nikky someplace? “Purchase me a gulp and say howdy,” says Nikky. Works for us. We will even lift her board to her automobile.

Date: November 30, 2022