Slender & Stunning Youngster


Process: College girl; Age: 18; Bday: January 26; Top: 5’9″; Weight: 120 romps; Hooter-sling Measurement: 34A; Underpants: Knickers; Buttfuck: It makes me jumpy; BJs: Drool; Jack: Beautiful permanently; Lives: Spokane, Washington.

Simply 18, Athena continues to be lovely fresh to coupling. “I am not a cherry,” bambino instructed us. “However I have handiest connected with a duo of studs earlier than. I have in truth had coupling with extra dolls than studs. I am ambisexual, and in recent times, I have been bending towards the women. However, I may by no means capitulate wiener. It is simply too great! Thumbs and fake penises simply bootie’t evaluate.

“Even tho I am quite fledgling, I do know what I really like. I find it irresistible when coupling is a tiny harsh. I imply, romantic coupling is great, too, however periodically I desire a tiny little bit of aggression. Like, I enjoy it when I am providing a oral job and the stud grips my hair. I am additionally into smacking, gagging, BDSM and having coupling in public.”

Date: November 11, 2023