Shara Lopez: Por Amor A Las Bonnie & Clyde


Tony is frolicking vacationer in Medellin, Colombia. There is a knock on his door and when he opens it, he nearly loses it when he observes that Shara Lopez is there to observe him.

“I got here to lead you within the town of Medellin,” Shara tells him, a information ebook in her arm. He appears overwhelmed and bewildered. Shara has that impact on guys. Tony explains that he known as for an English-speaking information. Shara does not perceive and tells him once more why nursling’s at his motel. Anklebiter attempts to inform him about all the mind-blowing glances they seat observe however he is simplest concerned about 2 giant glances. “Are you paying consideration?” Shara admonishes.

“Do you favor giant bosoms?” Shara asks him, studying his eyes. “Do you wish to have to caress them?” Shara takes his arm and brings it to her torso. That he understands and desires no translation. As an alternative of a guided trip of the town, he’ll get a guided trip of her sensuous, splendid assets. He submerges his face in Shara’s deep bosom and deepthroats her nips. Tony asks Shara to blow her personal nips and is impressed when nursling does it with aplomb.

He does not know the Spanish translation for deep-throat activity and methods to ask for one so he bristols, stands up and droplets his denim. Shara is on it and offers him fine head, her tongue munching his bloating rod. He desires to penetrate the ones giant delantera too. Shara bowls them in combination and gives them up so he seat plunge his spear inbetween her globes.

Shara pulls her sundress off and will get on her aspect. Anklebiter is prepared to present his wood a guided trip of her rosy cunny in her very first gonzo episode. The town seat wait.

Date: September 8, 2023