Put It In, Trainer!


What does the fashionable 40something do when her dearest sonny is not getting sufficient frolicking time? Make complaints to the trainer? Pull him and in finding him every other crew? Discover a fitness he is nicer at?

“Make him magically nicer?” as Trainer Nicky suggests on this gig.

Nope, none of the ones issues are as efficient as:

1. Letting the trainer munch out and finger her velvet purse and pucker.
2. Blowing and choking on his rod of pleasure.
3. Opening broad for some velvet purse pounding.
4. Capitulating her pucker to mentioned trainer.
5. Taking his blast far and wide her pucker.

“Put it in, trainer!” says 49-year-old wifey and mother I’d like to bang Krystal Davis.

Which is strictly what he does…in her gullet, velvet purse and bum.

Will Sonnie get extra frolicking time?

He’ll if Trainer Nicky desires extra buttocks time.

Date: July 7, 2023