Popping For Amber Alena


Dressed in a low-cut milky sundress that displays off bunch main bosom, Amber Alena sits at the brim of the sofa for a duo of mins of talk with Nicky Revolt. He has the distinction of having his wee wee labored over via the slender, molten knockout.

When he asks Amber what youngster loves to do along with her large molehills when youngster has intercourse, youngster tells him in her toddler nymph voice youngster’d fairly display than inform commencing with nipple-sucking and titfucking and concluding along with her totos dugs adorned with man juice.

“My puffies are truly soft,” the blue-eyed bombshell advised us. “They have got at all times been soft, and every time I get taller, they maintain getting extra soft and sexually aroused. I enjoy kneading my saul goodmans always. It is one thing I do for joy.”

That replied one of the most questions we oftentimes ask the ladies: Do you end up mechanically kneading your totos dugs?

Amber is the covergirl of SCORE mag Quantity 31, Quantity 4, coming briefly.

Date: October 1, 2023