Oksana Will Get Her Groove On


Oksana is a bubble, bubbly youthful baby. Tot loves being cheeky and sure. Oksana juggles all over the place the apartment and assists in keeping our camera operator active.

SCORELAND: Are you into any fetishes?

Oksana: I feel I enjoy all fetishes.

SCORELAND: Do you jack?

Oksana: I enjoy to jack, I’ve a bunch of playthings for my other fuck holes and I love to shoot onanism on-video. My dearest fucktoy is a massager.

SCORELAND: What sort of trysts do you favor to head on?

Oksana: I really like relationship at a comfortable café or going to a video. I enjoy vegetation highly a lot, and when a guy offers them to me on a meeting, I have a good time like a kid. I additionally enjoy surprises and when a guy comes up with one thing fresh that I really like.

SCORELAND: What’s the funniest factor a stud ever stated to you?

Oksana: You are now not an alarm clock, after all, however I might wind you up earlier than going to sofa.

SCORELAND: What do you daydream about?

Oksana: I have by no means had sexual relations with a baby. I indeed need that, and I additionally fantasy of having spunk inwards my poontang.

Date: September 30, 2023