Nikki Sexx: The Lassie Who’ll Do The Rest


Filthy facehole?

Nikki Sexx is for you.

Like rectal sexual intercourse, Nikki?

“Sure! I enjoy it. When I am downright relieved and into it, it’s the heaviest conceivable climax I posterior have. I enjoy having my keester munched and frigged because the red-hot up sooner than getting a pocket rocket balls-deep in my keester, which could have my eyes spinning again in my head like I am owned.”


“Sure! I enjoy gang sexual intercourse. I enjoy the muddy issue of enticing with multiple individual. I am additional muddy so after all I need it to be me and 2 studs, however sharing a pocket rocket with a buddy is a plenty of of joy too. Having the ability to make out with a newborn whilst getting bummed is one among my fav issues in lifestyles. It is so sensuous, but so muddy simultaneously.”

Slobber or guzzle?

“I guzzle, however I additionally enjoy it unloaded all over the place my face, or proper into my facehole. I don’t believe I might voluntarily drool it out until I used to be shoving it out onto my face for showcase.”

Date: September 30, 2023