Monica Keyes: Enormous, Jiggly Mushmellons Of xlgirls


“I enjoy dressed in high-heeled shoes and cut-offs,” XLGirls graduate Monica Keyes stated. “I can placed on a beacons, take hold of a stellar clothing and I can ship my playmate a stellar pic or a movie when he’s at paintings or out in public. Simply figuring out that he won that message and he is at paintings is a enormous activate. He will textual content me saying me he likes having a look at my figure and likes my tiny surprises.

“I perceive so stellar after I witness the view in a dude’s eyes, figuring out that he desires me. Particularly when he’s attempting to not make it so evident. I’ve been advised I’ve a confident view in my eyes that seat flip a dude on.”

Monica has ginormous, sweet bap power.

“Probably the most hottest compliments I ever won was once about how beautiful my flesh is. I’m at all times requested if I’m from any other nation as a result of I view unique. I’ve been requested how I stay my flesh transparent, and other folks assume I’m junior than I’m. As a result of my tidbits are enormous, other folks generally tend to note me a plenty of. Though, as a result of I am top-heavy, other folks assume that I’m a thicker dimension. So after I put on one thing becoming, it is at all times a query about my weight. One particular person stated to me ‘You are no longer as ginormous as I assumed you had been.’ Who says that?”

Date: November 30, 2022