Katie Rose: Zeppelins Of Glory


At house, I really like to move sans a boulder-holder,” mentioned Katie Rose. “I enjoy style and dressed in outfit that pulls other people. After I cross out, I put on a boulder-holder. As a result of my hot cakes are so thick and intense, I want fine toughen.”

Katie explores dance and heads to the fitness center permanently. You rump inform by way of her swish strikes and plasticity in her vids and in her pictures. For sure girl drives the studs super-naughty on the fitness center. Tot rump be a tornado of movability in her vids.

What the folks write about Katie Rose:

“Were given to be my fresh beloved chesty goddess. Simply an outstanding rotors of Volvos and figure.” “I’m in enjoy with every other SCORELAND Nursling!” “Chicks like Katie Rose make me thank God on a daily basis He made me a funbag dude.”

Date: November 11, 2023