Kailani Kai: The Stacked Realtor Seals The Deal


TSG has recognized for a few years that big-boobed sexbombs make the hottest realtors. (They if truth be told make the hottest the whole thing.) Come in the strenuous epic and awesomely constructed Kailani Kai. What a assets this female has. Kailani attire in cock-squeezing garb to make an impression and to demonstrate off her gross sales technics and abilities. Right here, we witness her seal the handle Alex Veteran, potential purchaser. He is arrived to witness the palace Kailani is showing.

The stacked divorcee offers him the guided journey of where after which the guided journey of her incredible anatomy. Actually, Kailani works as a realtor and used to be a flight attendant. Believe how pleasant the ones pleasant skies have been.

Tiny negotiation is wanted. Alex will do anything else to gargle on Kailani’s highly puffy puffies and fumble her meaty ninnies. Cub unbuckles him and pulls his trousers down. The grinning glance of gratification when little doll watches his boomstick come out like a jack-in-the-box manner he will get a loud, slurpy, lip-smacking deep-throating from a highly gifted youngster.

After a spirited boob fucking, Kailani is laid out and stretched. Alex shoehorns his leaky hose into her shaggy pussyche and provides her the type of stiff boning little doll rightfully is worth whilst little doll jiggles her hefty, strenuous Thelma and Louise with 2 forearms. Kailani for the win.

SCORE mag editor Dave wrote in a weblog about Kailani, “When a female in her 40s or 50s or 60s makes her Thelma and Louise larger, you understand the one causes are that little doll needs extra consideration and little doll needs extra leaky hose.”

Date: July 10, 2023