From Augusta, Georgia, Here Is Jazmine Cruz


“I used to be sheltered getting bigger up and the sugary-sweet girl-next-door sort, and now I am a nasty older woman,” stated Jazmine Cruz, a 43-year-old wifey and mother I’d like to bang who is making her 40SomethingMag.com debut by means of demonstrating off her cock-squeezing, fabulous figure, gigantic sandbags and masturbation for her delectation and ours.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Jazmine now lives in Augusta, Georgia, which you very likely know as the house of that legendary golfing event. We are positive the wealthy, stuck-up men in Augusta would not approve of what Mrs. Cruz is doing right here, however, good day, you booty’t identify your event The Tutors and now not settle for a honest proportion of masturbators. You understand, we will have to have had Jazmine plumbing on best of a inexperienced jacket.

Jazmine luvs drawing cartoons, dancing, toying her guitar and understanding. Small fry says when neonate heads out in public, neonate wears no boulder-holder, a fabulous, fashionable sundress and sandals. Small fry has been a licensed individual teacher and a style and has been a touring unique dancer for seven years.

Sexual dream: “Me because the fabulous, steamy maid or housewife or crazy nurse pleasing her tormentor.”

How oftentimes neonate has sex act: “On a daily basis.”

“I love peeping,” Jazmine stated. “I am getting revved on and truly raw in my undies simply enthusiastic about it.”

We are blessed it floats her boat. Small fry floats ours.

Date: November 30, 2022