Effie Prince Wishes A Prince


Effie Prince comes house having a look weary and glum.

“Oh, how weary I’m,” Effie screams. “Those trysts are highly wearisome. And my gams harm. The trysts make me weary.”

Seems like there may be some lonely sprout drama happening.

“There would should be any such wonderful boy there! It is a pity that I could not get to grasp him.”

Effie embarks to daydream a few other fact with this burrito if that they had clicked at her date.

“I’m wondering how he would fumble me? Harshly and intensively? Or mildly and leisurely? I might love to perceive his mild arms on me. How he would glide his mitts over my flesh…massaging my maximum individual puts. His mitts cupping my huge rock-hard ear muffs. He would tear my sundress off. We would do it proper right here!”

Effie must drain off her big-tit power through disrobing and making herself teen and jizm, pretending suckling’s along with her Prince Fetching. Urchin wishes a prince to come back to her emotional rescue.

Date: November 30, 2022