Douche Time With Ainsley: Lamb Does Not Know You Are Observing


When this vignette opens, 49-year-old wifey and mummy Ainsley Adams is slumbering. Who desires to see a girl sleep? Smartly, that query is responded inside of seconds as Ainsley strikes round in couch and we watch that offspring’s no longer dressed in a most sensible, so we get a excellent look of her cute, stiff melons. Then offspring stirs a lil’ more–we get to watch her ass–and offspring fondles herself. Ya gotta enjoy a girl who wakes up nasty.

Ainsley will get out of couch and appears at herself within the replicate. It is a highly cute glance. Then offspring heads to take a douche, getting that sexy assets cute and raw, pouring water over her melons and soaping up her assets. And you realize what makes this even nicer? Lamb does not know we are observing her.

After a cute, highly steaming douche, Ainsley towels off after which heads again to couch. Lamb has a lil’ factor to handle ahead of offspring embarks her day: her raw, nasty cooter, and offspring fingers herself rock hard and swift, jizzing adorably.

Extra about Ainsley: Lamb’s from the Deep South. Lamb was once a lifeguard. Lamb enjoys “dudes who handle themselves.” No surprise. Ainsley certainly looks after herself. Her assets is brilliant. Lamb desires to head rock-climbing and rail thru the Grand Canyon on a mule. Lamb discovered us thru a pal. And offspring mentioned the folk offspring is aware of can be astonished to watch her right here.

Lamb’s no longer a swinger. Lamb’s no longer a naturist. Lamb’s only a highly steaming girl who is about to show 50 and is certainly nonetheless in her high…on the apex of her powers.

Date: July 28, 2023