Rita The Realtor Gargles & Drills To Seal The Deal


Almost 11 years in the past, in one in all her first-ever porno vignettes, Rita Daniels displayed us how lassie sells scorching tubs (Rita used to be a real-life scorching bathtub saleswoman). Nursling inhaled and humped her possible client’s shaft. We do not know if lassie sealed the deal, however lassie did spunk. A plenty of.

These days, Rita goes to showcase off her abilities as a realtor. Nursling’s dressed in a taut sundress that showcases off her kinks, and lassie’s having an open building. However how open?

Because it seems, Rita is the person who’s highly open.

Nursling opens her jaws to guzzle her customer’s fat, massive shaft, choking on it, getting it humid and gooey, making slaver strings. Nursling opens her gams so he haunches pound her bald cooch. After which lassie opens her jaws for his spunk. Did Rita seal the deal? That is stiff to mention, however you realize evidently that this dude goes to appear at Rita’s subsequent open building.

Date: July 29, 2023