Presley Heads Super-slutty


There is something highly wondrous, bitchy and sleazy about Presley St. Claire, a 60-year-old wifey and mommy who has large, faux niblets and a smooth-shaven furburger. Lately, mite turns out even sluttier and sleazier as mite chats muddy and pummels her well used pussy cat with a fat fucktoy. It is nearly as though Mrs. St. Claire is courageous you not to shoot your blast and is aware of there is no conceivable method so that you can dangle again.

Presley’s solutions to the coupling questions we requested her turn out how a lot mite’s into smashing and onanism. Learn on…

How oftentimes do you’ve coupling?

Presley: A few occasions every week. On a daily basis if I fundament.

What will get you off?

Presley: A large private eye in my throat then in my furburger.

The place used to be your wildest sexual date?

Presley: I have had many mischievous meetings on the swingers golf equipment and in elevators. I’m going to do it any place.

What used to be your nastiest swaying practice?

Presley: Having 10 knobs in my face without delay.

And there you’ve it!

Date: October 7, 2023